What Year?

Overheard a conversation between our five year old and my husband this morning.  They were talking about West Point.  My husband's most proud accomplishment (besides his kids, of course) was his acceptance and graduation from West Point.  It has been a theme in our marriage.  Our wedding took place at the Cadet Chapel in the... Continue Reading →

This Ain’t Easy, Friends

Last Saturday night our family, my mother, and some friends went to dinner at a lively fish fry restaurant.  It is notoriously loud, which works well for my husband who no longer understands that he practically yells when he talks in a social setting. I called him down several times for his behavior.  He was... Continue Reading →

A Necessary Betrayal – POA

The ultimate, yet, necessary betrayal occurred today.  My husband and I met with an elder care attorney so he could sign Power of Attorney documents officially giving me (his wife) the right (and responsibility) to make financial and medical decisions for him.  The same designee's were made 8 years ago in our original power of... Continue Reading →

Get Off the Court

Last night I behaved poorly.  Yelled at the opposing coach four times during my son's basketball game to get off the court.  He was standing on the sidelines but kept stepping on the court during the game.  It bugged me.  It was defiant behavior jeopardizing the safety of the players.  It was referees not controlling... Continue Reading →

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