Let Me Feel

Let me feel.  You must.  Please do not temper my need to feel.  Sometimes it requires tears.  Many times it requires venting.  When it hurts the most, it requires writing.  It's a way to process, express, release. Feeling is not just grief.   It's guilt.  It's the guilt of being able to thrive in the midst... Continue Reading →


Warrior.  Several friends (completely independently of each other) following our story have referred to me as a warrior.  This is not how I view myself.  I’m just a wife, mom, and friend doing what is necessary to help and protect my husband and family.  Yet, after careful consideration, there may be some truth to his... Continue Reading →

Hand-Me-Down Swingset

Today, I shut the front door on our house of 14 1/2 years.  We had planned to move when the oldest two left for college.  Due to my husband's terminal illness, that timeline was pushed up by five years.  I was not ready.  There were too many planned projects incomplete.  The nurseries had not been... Continue Reading →

Sixth Birthday

Today is our youngest son, Jackson's, sixth birthday.  For years, I've considered my adult life to be "before Jackson" and "after Jackson."  His birth was a considerable landmark in my life and literally rocked my world.   I became unexpectedly pregnant at 40.  My husband and I had two sons (10 and 9) already that seemed... Continue Reading →

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