What Year?

Overheard a conversation between our five year old and my husband this morning.  They were talking about West Point.  My husband’s most proud accomplishment (besides his kids, of course) was his acceptance and graduation from West Point.  It has been a theme in our marriage.  Our wedding took place at the Cadet Chapel in the Fall of 1999.  It was the same weekend as his five year reunion.  Our relationship was solidified on those hallowed grounds 19 years ago.

Some of our closest friends are fellow cadets that were in his project group at West Point his senior year.  They were the two best men in our wedding.  We’ve attended Army – Navy game events, sought out other grads at every place we’ve ever lived, participated in the 10th and 20th year class reunions, and decorated our house with West Point memorabilia.

So, this morning when my husband could not recall the date West Point was founded, it stunned me then broke my heart.  Every once in while, my husband realizes a bit of what he is losing or lost.  It is not often as his disease fools him into thinking he is ok.  This morning was different.  I could see the fear in his face and the disappointment in his eyes.  This is information that was emblazoned into his memory from his first day as a plebe (freshman).  He couldn’t remember the date.  Actually, he was not even sure of the correct century.

Maybe tomorrow he will remember.  He will tell us all.  Then, his world will be right for those few minutes, at least.

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