Let Me Feel

Let me feel.  You must.  Please do not temper my need to feel.  Sometimes it requires tears.  Many times it requires venting.  When it hurts the most, it requires writing.  It’s a way to process, express, release.

Feeling is not just grief.   It’s guilt.  It’s the guilt of being able to thrive in the midst of a tragedy.  It’s the guilt of not treating your loved ones the way you know you are capable of treating them.  It’s the guilt of being selfish (because you just have to be a little bit to survive).

So, if you see me and I’m having a down day, let me.  I’m ok.  It’s my way.  I’ve learned that tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to feel again.

One thought on “Let Me Feel

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  1. May we all give one another and ourselves the space and freedom to feel our emotions. I so wish your thoughtful, wise insights weren’t being sharpened by such difficult times and grief. May all us who love and care for you and your family be patient to listen, slow to speak, and be present when needed.


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