Get Off the Court

Last night I behaved poorly.  Yelled at the opposing coach four times during my son's basketball game to get off the court.  He was standing on the sidelines but kept stepping on the court during the game.  It bugged me.  It was defiant behavior jeopardizing the safety of the players.  It was referees not controlling... Continue Reading →

Curse You

Yesterday, my oldest son (15 yrs old) got into the car after soccer practice and starts with, "Guess what?  I got called out of class today to the counselor's office to talk about our family's situation.  Apparently, there is something now in the computer system about dad, and the counselors wanted to talk to me... Continue Reading →

I Don’t See It

"I do not see the disease." "He seems pretty normal."  These are frequent comments from some.  Perhaps these sentiments are supposed to make me, the spouse, the caretaker, the one who drove the train to a diagnosis, feel better.  Or, maybe, it is to make you feel better - like it isn't actually happening and... Continue Reading →

Holding the Bucket – Married but Single

My real estate agent shared an inside expression with me recently.  She said there are times during a property transaction where an agent must carry his/her own bucket of responsibilities and the other agent's, too.  This was a perfect analogy for how I now feel.  It is me holding the family bucket.  No one else. ... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Volunteer

Today I grieve.  Getting out of bed was tough.  Getting off the couch even tougher.  It is the day I finally turned over the last of my volunteer responsibilities to someone else.  I didn't let it go easily - held on to it for entirely too long.  Saying goodbye to this part of my life... Continue Reading →

FTD FAQs – Our Story

If you are like me, you are the seeker of a deeper understanding especially of things new to you.  These are the most common questions asked when my husband's diagnosis is shared.  It is December 2017.  Here is where we are in the disease. What is this disease called? FTD - Frontotemporal Dementia.  It is... Continue Reading →

The Journey has only begun – Our FTD diagnosis April 2017

Five years.  It has taken five incredible years to finally have an answer to my husband’s symptoms.  The road has been long and rocky — so much to navigate medically and emotionally.  My hope by sharing our journey is to help increase the understanding of this little known rare disease and to also, perhaps, offer a […]

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